Our purpose is price affordability for those who cannot afford high costs of legal aid.

In addition our purpose is to deny negative feedback about the lack of availability of legal protection in Poland due to disproportionately high costs.

The principle is that the remuneration for the services provided by our office to customers are contractual. The following rates are exemplary and indicative. Do not cover the entire range of services provided by the office.
Remuneration calculated is based on such criteria as the nature of the case and degree of complexity and scope of its actual outsourced operations.

Average and exemplary prices of our services are as follows:

  • Legal advice 300 PLN for hour,
  • Agreement verification including remarks, comments and proposals for solutions from 100 PLN per page
  • Preparation of application for the law of succession entitlement 600 PLN,
  • Preparation of statement of claim at civil law 1200 PLN
  • Conducting a case civil law and of succession 2000 PLN
  • Drawing up other writs, appeal against a decision, applications and responses 400-600 PLN
  • For involvement based on hourly office gets charge of 300 PLN per hour of work.

You can obtain legal advice in electronic form. This form of advice is about 25% cheaper than indicated above. In order to obtain such advice or questions regarding such advice please contact us at email:
If you have any questions about prices of services provided by the office, please contact us at the above e-mail address or telephone number 0-501-508-168. ..en